The Inspiraa Value Proposition


Who we are: Inspiraa is the parent company of crisp, innovative international jewelry and accessory brands. Considerable international experience in both design and business ventures create the core of our Inspiraa Team.

What we do: We envision, create and provide unique brands of jewelry and accessories to retail clients across the world. Our mission is to work in partnership with our retail clients to optimize their business through the introduction of new product lines to complement and strengthen existing product portfolios.

To our retailer clients, we offer the latest designs and high quality end products with competitive cost levels. We enable our customers to achieve desirable profit margins and accelerated time to profitability, ultimately leading to increased lifetime customer value and market share.

To the consumer, Inspiraa brands offer simple, crisp, and timeless elegance at a reasonable price.

How we do it:  Inspiraa utilizes design talent from all over the world, breathing life into brand visions shaped by our management team. By analyzing your current product portfolio, our team can help to identify gaps and design and create a product line that is aligned with your product strategy.

We also create customized jewelry collections, which our customers can brand and market according to their needs. For example, our team envisioned, produced and branded a customized portfolio of cultured pearl jewelry to one of the largest Scandinavian retail companies. Today we supply them and work with their sourcing team to expand the product world around the in-house brand. Our customer has been able to exceed their typical target margins by over 20 %. To learn more about our private label offerings, please see our Private Lable page.

Where we do it: Currently, Inspiraa brings its brands to life by operating in Scandinavia, North America, and Asia. Inspiraa consists of a team of strategically located design, manufacturing, logistics and management specialists.

Please visit our Brands page to really see what Inspiraa is all about.