The Collection M of Scandinavia

Simple, natural, timeless elegance inspired by the coastal areas of Northern Europe.

Our brand combines traditional Scandinavian design and functionality with the spirit and feel of life in the coastal areas of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The sea faring people from these areas have always felt a strong connection with the sea and the rugged coastline, which have always had a major influence in shaping the area’s culture. The area’s rugged nature, with the clear blue coastal waters and literally hundreds of thousands of islands, has been a source of inspiration for Scandinavian design for centuries. In our collection, we capture the natural palette of colors that this unique area offers – the multitude of bright vibrant natural colors of the Summer months, when the sun never sleeps, to the cool crisp frozen silence of Winter when time seems to stand still.

Currently, our collection includes hand-made necklaces, bracelets and earrings that have been envisioned and designed by our Scandinavian team. The chosen materials for this Scandinavia inspired brand includes numerous varieties of fresh water pearls, agate stone, quartz, crystal, glass and hand-crafted clay beads.

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